About Us

ArchMedium is dedicated to the organization of architectural competitions for students and young architects since 2009. We created a digital platform of architecture academic competitions under the same conditions as the professional competitions, in which a prestigious jury handles the entire process of choosing the winners. We see architecture as a technical discipline that transcends borders. The knowledge of it allows students to put it in practice what they have learned according to the needs of the site, following the words of Patrick Geddes “Think Global, Act Local.”

This is why ArchMedium is established as a multicultural platform for the exchange of projects. A place where schools of architecture around the world are represented, establishing different approaches for each project.

Our goal is to deepen the learning process and encourage future architects to generate an exchange of ideas. Thus, they will have the opportunity to bring their proposals beyond the boundaries of their city and face different cultures, therefore enriching their knowledge as architects and people.